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The workplace positivity movement is officially ON.

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The Dream and The Mission

This is my extremely persistent dream that keeps me up at night, wakes me up every morning, and drives my thoughts, words and actions on a daily basis:

Creating meaningful and long-lasting positive change in the working world.

Haven’t we waited long enough for this?

I’ve personally seen too many professional lives from all over the world that have been destroyed by toxic coworkers, bullying bosses, passive-aggressive behavior, backstabbing self-preservationists, and corporate cultures that value profit far more than they value their people.

Simply put, to expect people to continue to work and live like this is not only unsustainable in every way, but it’s also deluded and dangerous as well.

There are literally millions of people all over the world who believe that it is no longer okay to accept constant rudeness, incivility, soul-decaying bullying, and a complete unwillingness to care for each other as the price to pay for working in a “grown-up world.” There’s a shift happening in workplaces all over the world where people are ready to lead the movement to make kindness, mutual respect and positivity the new normal at work.

Yes, you read that right.

We’re starting a workplace positivity movement to end generations of unchecked toxicity, bullying, and professional suffering.

Making Work Work

Making Work Work

It’s time for REAL positive change.

The book, Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment is written to specifically help anyone to create a positivity movement in his/her workplace immediately after reading it.

Here is some of what you’ll learn:

  • The five destructive myths of positivity in the workplace, and how to use the new definition of positivity to overcome each one.
  • Why we cannot wait a moment longer to create a positivity movement at work, and what is at stake for you, me, your loved ones, and the rest of the world if we choose to do nothing.
  • A 32-question assessment to see if you’re ready to lead this movement (side note: this is where we separate the people who “kinda” want positive change, from those who really want it.)
  • The tragic lie that we’ve been told about success in the workplace (and sadly, it’s a lie that millions of people actually believe is true), and the real truth about success in the workplace, and how you can use this knowledge to immediately maximize your professional effectiveness.
  • The critical question that you must ask yourself (and others) each day to ensure steadfast accountability to creating positive change in the workplace.
  • Why the term “work-life balance” makes absolutely no sense, and the much more effective strategy to ensure that your work doesn’t constantly bleed into your personal and family life.
  • How to protect your health, your happiness and your sanity from being negatively affected by the around-the-clock demands of the workplace…and, the strategy to create clear workplace boundaries designed to protect you from overwork, burnout, excessively long hours, and from constantly saying “yes” when you really need to say “no.”
  • The five-step Attitude Adjustment Pyramid that will give you the energy and resilience to keep you moving forward, even when you feel like your workplace is draining the life out of you on a daily basis.
  • Why anyone who says, “I’m not here to make friends at work,” is doomed to professional failure, and how having meaningful friendships at work is the key to not only a more meaningful career, but also in creating a positivity movement at your workplace, and around the world as well.
  • How to effectively deal with the most challenging workplace personalities who will cross your path during your career (e.g., passive-aggressive coworkers, bully bosses, and chronic complainers, to name a few).
  • How you can lead this movement and positively transform your work environment without having a fancy job title, authority, or a corner office.
  • The real (and never-before publicly shared) story behind why I started The Positivity Solution…and my near-death situation that motivated me to spend the rest of my life ensuring that we treat each other better at work, at home, and every place in between.

And like I said, that is just some of what is in this book. I poured every drop of my heart and soul into writing this so that it will actively help as many people as humanly possible–and I humbly (and confidently) believe that this will do the trick, and then some.

Best of all, Making Work Work has practical, real-life exercises that will inspire you to take the necessary action to positively change your workplace, your life, and quite possibly, the world.

The Movement Begins

This won’t surprise you if you really know me, but I’m obsessed with helping people who are in pain. That may sound weird to some people, but I’m proud to say that’s how I’m wired.

Speaking of pain, here is what I believe: the more Making Work Work books that we get into the hands of people like you, the higher the probability that we can create the workplace movement that will finally end this pain, and ultimately heal the world.

That might sound like big talk, but I’m dead serious about this.

The current workplace model is broken, and it’s time to do something meaningful about this issue that is hurting so many good people all over the world.

I believe that this book is the answer.

As the African proverb goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The positivity movement officially begun, and if we want this movement to go far, then we have to create it together.

This is a big task, and I’m ready to get to work.

Are you?

Order Your Copy of Making Work Work

Thank you so much for supporting the movement, and for being a big part of the change that this world needs. It’s time to get to work, my friends.

Work positively,

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