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The workplace positivity train is rollin’, my friend. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you want me to stop by your organization!

If you want to contact me, go for it! Just send an email to me directly at shola [at] thepositivitysolution [dot] com.

Longer Version: Here are three reasons why you might want to drop me a line–all of which are 100% cool with me:

1) Just to say hi!

2) You need a high-energy, inspiring, and engaging speaker to deliver a keynote speech at your conference, college, or corporation about the critical importance of positivity in the workplace. If so, that’s my specialty! I’ve delivered keynotes to leading healthcare organizations, Silicon Valley, numerous universities, leadership conferences, and even to the Department of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. I’d be happy to speak at your event too, so feel free to reach out!


Women in Cable Television Leadership Event (Beverly Hills, CA)

3) Your organization is struggling with gossip, bullying, and other toxic behaviors, and you need some hard-hitting strategies to immediately turn things around. If so, reach out to me to facilitate my signature Making Work Work workshop (yep, that’s a lot of work!) to make your organization a more positive, productive and respectful place to work, starting today. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

NOTE! For more details on how I can bring positivity to you or to your organization, make sure to check out my brand-new website! Feel free to click the link below:

Shola Richards–Author and Keynote Speaker