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The workplace positivity train is rollin’, my friend. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you want me to stop by your organization! 

Short Version: If you want to contact me, go for it! Just send an email to me directly at shola [at] thepositivitysolution [dot] com.

Longer Version: Here are four reasons why you might want to drop me a line–all of which are 100% cool with me:

1) Just to say hi!

2) You need a high-energy, inspiring, and engaging speaker to deliver a keynote speech at your conference, college, or corporation about the critical importance of positivity in the workplace. If so, that’s my specialty! I’ve delivered keynotes to leading healthcare organizations, Silicon Valley, numerous universities, leadership conferences, and even to the Department of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. I’d be happy to speak at your event too, so feel free to reach out!


Women in Cable Television Leadership Event (Beverly Hills, CA)

3) Your organization is struggling with gossip, bullying, and other toxic behaviors, and you need some hard-hitting strategies to immediately turn things around. If so, reach out to me to facilitate my signature Making Work Work workshop (yep, that’s a lot of work!) to make your organization a more positive, productive and respectful place to work, starting today. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t take my word for it though, here are what some people are saying about my workshops and keynotes:


“If you want your company’s culture (and your team members) to be more engaged, more productive, more enthusiastic, and actually enjoy their work–Shola’s your guy. Not only will he inspire your team to be better, he will teach them how, then help make it happen. Shola’s the REAL DEAL. Engage him. You and your people will be thrilled you did. Guaranteed.” –L. Tomlinson

“Shola was the perfect keynote speaker for our ‘Spark Success’ all-staff day. He was highly engaging, funny, knowledgeable, and inspiring. His practical tips and transformational talk have staff motivated many weeks after the event, and will help us move towards a more positive and engaged culture. I can’t recommend Shola enough. His keynote was epic!” –D. Seckman

“Shola is a breath of fresh air. Refreshing, inviting, inclusive, relatable, surprisingly funny, and warm are just some of the adjectives that I would use to describe Shola. His message and posture about positivity in life and the workplace resonates on so many levels because it comes from a place of truth. Shola makes the audience a participant in his keynote, not just a passive listener. This level of engagement is enticing and addictive. I’m now a big fan of Shola and a Positivity Solution follower.” –M. Murrow

“Within the first few minutes of being in close proximity to Shola, one is transported to another dimension where enthusiasm, playfulness, compassion and kindness reside – his infectious choice of keeping a positive attitude is contagious, in the best possible way! Shola is destined to be speaking on a much larger world stage where he can share some very personal, heartfelt stories and his zest for life while never skipping a beat as he champions others to do the same.” –M. Linn

“Shola brought all of the obvious leadership qualities into play: character, enthusiasm for the project, confidence, reason, intelligence, amazing verbal acuity, an eye on the goal and a commitment to excellence. Good enough right? No. The thing that impressed me the most and what elevates Shola from a great leader to a person of unparallelled potential was his heart. Shola gives 100% of himself 100% of the time. Shola is the guy you want on your team and leading your teams to success.” –E. Franenberg

4) You want to know where to mail the ridiculously huge bag of white chocolate that you bought for me.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Email: shola [at] thepositivitysolution [dot] com