The 21 Inescapable Laws of Customer Epicness

Smiling customer happily holding her shopping bags

Can all customers be this epic?

I should have known better.

As a corporate trainer, I have had the joy of training thousands of front line employees on how to become the best customer service professional possible. Nothing brings me more professional satisfaction than providing people with the skills and knowledge to not only make their jobs easier, but much more enjoyable too.

Sounds great, right?

Who knew that after all of these years, I was missing half of the message.

Thankfully, one of my students came up to me to shake my hand after a customer service training class and said, “This class was awesome! Have you ever thought about teaching a class for our customers? There’s nothing out there that teaches them how to be a great customer. God knows that many of them could use it.”

Sure, she was half-kidding, but as soon as she walked away, I slowly rubbed my chin and thought to myself, “You know what? She’s right.”

Consider this post my effort to uncover the other half of the issue–the customer side of the customer service equation. The goal of this post is not to create good customers or nice customers, I’m interested in creating customers who are the best of the best. Better yet, I’m interested in creating customers who are epic. If you are too, then read on, my friend.

Following are 21 inescapble laws that must be followed, respected, and burned into your consciousness if you are interested in claiming your epicness as a customer.

Fair warning though–don’t be naive and dismiss what you’re about to read as “common sense.”

Doing so will expose you clearly as someone who has never spent a minute working in customer service. Believe me, “common sense” isn’t nearly as common as you would think, and these 21 Laws are broken on a daily basis. Who knows, you might even be an offender yourself.

Most importantly, I’m confident that if every customer followed these 21 laws consistently, we could create a happier and nicer world far quicker than we ever imagined.

Remember, making the world a more positive place is a responsibility for people on both sides of the counter.

Let’s jump in. [Read more…]