About The Positivity Solution

The Positivity SolutionI have a story to tell you.

It’s a story about positivity.

But first, be real with me—what’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word positivity?

Over the years when I’ve asked that question to people, I’ve heard a wide range of responses. And if I’m being as real as possible, many of those responses were definitely less than…well, positive.

For example:

  • Some people described positivity as a delusional, bubble-headed, defense mechanism for people too weak-minded to deal with reality.
  • Some people described positivity as the unbelievably annoying, unicorns and rainbows, happy-go-lucky B.S. that has no place in the real world.
  • Some people described positivity as a dangerous mind state that is used by some people to remain in denial as they “smile their way” to an inevitable nervous breakdown.

To me, this is a big part of the problem.

I’m not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way, positivity became cheesy, lame, completely out-of-touch with reality, and something that many people would rather avoid instead of embrace.

I think that it’s time to rewrite the story on positivity.

Positivity is no longer just for the optimists, the idealists, and the dreamers.

Positivity is for the people who are willing to take meaningful action.

Positivity is for the doers.

Believe me, more than ever we need people who are willing to do more than just talk about making the world better place at work, at home, and every place in between.

We need people who are willing to do something about it.

I’m convinced more than ever that ones who choose to do so will be the ones who change the world.

The Dream of a New Reality

With every fiber of my being, I want nothing more than to make positivity the new reality.

I might not be Martin Luther King, Jr., but I have a dream too.

For years and years, I’ve dreamed of this new reality, and I want to use The Positivity Solution as the launching pad to make it happen.

This is the world that I dream of often:

I dream of a world where workplace bullying (actually, bullying of any kind) is completely non-existent.

I dream of a world where regardless of our perceived differences (race, religion, income level, political affiliation, job title, education level, sexual orientation, age, etc.) everyone is treated with kindness, dignity, and respect—always.

I dream of a world where people fight for their hopes and dreams as if their lives depended on it.

I dream of a world where companies value their employees’ happiness just as much as they value turning a profit.

I dream of a world where people proudly and sincerely love themselves, without hesitation or reservation.

I dream of a world where all the jerks, bullies, punks, and various asshats have been put on notice that their stupidity has no place in the new reality.

I dream of a world where people are genuinely happy and they consistently help others who need it to find their happiness as well.

I dream of a world where the overwhelming majority of people are engaged in their work and sincerely love their jobs.

I dream of a world where people give a damn about making the world a better place.

Believe me, I’m fully aware of the challenge that I’m up against to make this dream the new reality.

It doesn’t matter. I refuse to let that stop me.

If all I was willing to do is “dream” of this world, then that’s barely a step above doing nothing.

The new positivity may start with a dream, but at its core, it’s all about action.

And it’s our action that has the power to make the world that was described above a reality–maybe even faster than any of us could ever dream possible.

Real Positivity

The Positivity Solution’s mission is a simple one:

To use the power of positivity to create a happier, kinder, and more inspired world—one person at a time.

So, what is positivity?

Actually, I’m going to leave that for you to define. 

The good news is that whether the topic is:

Making the necessary decision to remove the toxic people from our lives,

Treating everyone with dignity and respect (please don’t ever forget that includes service professionals too),

Absolutely refusing to be anyone’s doormat,

Rejecting the idea that happiness will magically find us one day,

Or even being willing to embrace pain (yes, seriously), you’ll see that everything that you’ll ever read on The Positivity Solution will deal with positivity in one form or another.

I know what positivity means to me, and I sincerely believe that it has the power to change the world.

I’ll be honest though, what we’re doing here is not for everyone.

Believe me, that’s okay.

If what you just read resonated with everyone, then I need to trash this blog and start over because I’m doing something terribly wrong.

This isn’t about everyone. It never was.

This is about you.

Because in the end, The Positivity Solution isn’t my story. It’s your story.

Or more specifically, it’s our story.

But it’s a story without an ending. Not yet, anyway.

This might sound like an over-simplification to some people, but while there are many problems facing this world, I believe that positivity can play a major role in solving many of them.

But it can’t be done without you.

It’s up to you to decide how this story will end, and that’s why I’ve saved the most important question for last.

Will you be part of the solution?