About Shola

About Shola

Hello everyone!

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If you’re anything like me, the “About” page is always your first stop when you decide to check out a new blog.

Seriously, who wants to read the ramblings of a total stranger, right? Good thing that you won’t have to do that here. This “stranger” business is over–we’re friends now, whether you know it or not. Read on, and I’ll prove it.

Fair warning though, after reading this, you might think that I’m a little bit crazy.

No, not “bad” crazy like a stalker or something.

It’s a different kind of crazy.

I’m crazy about making the world a better place.

Some people grow up wanting to be pro athletes, some want to be platinum-selling recording artists, some want to find the cure for a major disease.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insanely passionate about doing everything in my power to make the world a happier, kinder, and more inspired place while I’m alive and able to do so.

That is a little crazy, isn’t it?

Maybe it is, but I refuse to believe that I’m the only one.

This is Me

My name is Shola (in case you’re wondering, my name rhymes with “cola”), and I’m a father, husband, son, brother, friend, author (which I’m super excited about), keynote speaker, and I’m also the founder of The Positivity Solution.

Over the course of my professional career, I have trained literally thousands of exceptional men and women on topics including team cohesion, world-class customer service, transformational leadership, effective communication, and dealing with difficult customers, to name a few. From a professional standpoint, there is nothing that I enjoy more than making a person’s job and life more enjoyable.

Unfortunately though, if you spend enough time in this line of work, and choose to truly listen to the people you’ll encounter along the way, you’ll eventually notice a very disturbing trend.

In many workplaces all over America (all over the world, really) there are barriers in place that do the exact opposite of making a person’s job more enjoyable.

Some examples of these barriers include, coworkers with attitude problems, sociopathic bully bosses, abusive customers, and toxic company cultures run by out-of-touch executives, just to name a few.

Even worse is that many people I’ve encountered have also shared with me that they are sad, overwhelmed, and unhappy in their lives outside of work too.

This might sound strange, but it’s stuff like this that keeps me up at night.

I just can’t sit back, say “oh well, that’s life I guess…” and do nothing.

I want to help. Actually, screw that. I have to help.

All my life I’ve waited for someone to do something in a major way to make the world a happier, kinder, and more inspired place for millions of people. And after waiting for years and seeing very little positive change, I decided to do something about it myself.

I refuse to allow to enormity of the task to scare me into doing nothing.

That’s what drives me.

The Questions In My Head

Human behavior has always fascinated me. That’s why I decided to get my degree in Psychology. My mind constantly is filled with questions such as:

  • How come most people don’t enjoy their jobs, and why does society accept it as the way it has to be?
  • Why do people allow extremely difficult and toxic people to stay in their lives?
  • Why do some bosses believe that the best way to get the most out of their staff is to micromanage them, bully them, and basically scare them into compliance?
  • Why is it more common for people to find reasons to hate themselves instead of reasons to love themselves?
  • Why do companies put up with aggressively rude, abusive, and horrifically awful customers in hopes of retaining their business?
  • Why do people settle for ho-hum lives that are barely above average when they are capable of so much more?

Getting to the bottom of those questions (and many others) has morphed from a passing interest, to a fascination, to an obsession, to finally the birth of The Positivity Solution, where, with your help, we will answer these questions once and for all.

These days, I refer to myself as a Positivity Activist.

My personal mission is simple: It’s to help more people to live and work with more positivity.

How I do it is irrelevant to me. It could be through this blog, teaching classes to corporations, delivering a keynote speech to large audiences, or talking to you casually in a coffee shop.

I’m cool with all of it.

As long as I help one person to become happier, more inspired, and more engaged in his/her life, then I’ll feel that my work has succeeded. But once you get to know me, you’ll see that I have some pretty big goals ahead of me, and this is just the beginning.

I’m fighting to make positivity the new reality, and I have a feeling that if you’ve read all the way to this point, then maybe what I’ve said so far has resonated with you.

Maybe you care deeply about making the world a kinder place too.

Maybe you’ve lost sleep thinking about what you can do to make a difference.

Maybe you dream often of a world that’s better than the one you’re currently experiencing.

If so, then I guess that makes you a little crazy too.

In a good way, of course.

And that makes us best friends as far as I’m concerned (see what I did there?)

For real, I am so glad that you’re here.

Make yourself comfortable, take a look around, check out the post listing, and determine if you’re one of my people. If so, that’s awesome because we have a lot of work to do.

I hope that you’re ready, because I know that I am.

Thanks for being part of the solution.

Let’s do this,




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